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Watch This Webinar to Learn How to Bridge the Gap Between the Candidate & Employee Experience

There’s nothing more frustrating than recruiting, interviewing and placing a highly-qualified candidate in their dream role.... only for the hiring manager to drop the ball, leaving your new hire with a horrible new hire experience. 

Beyond feeling frustrated, a poor onboarding experience actually poses a significant risk to your company. The cost of replacing a new hire within their first year ranges anywhere from 50%, to 250% of that employee’s salary 🤯 

Truth bomb: The candidate experience doesn’t stop at the job offer. If you truly want to attract and retain top talent, you need to continue surprising and delighting candidates during pre-boarding, onboarding and beyond. 

But how do we do this with siloed recruitment, HR and IT teams, AND the hiring manager?

You need to bridge the gap between the candidate and employee experience, of course!

Join Enboarder and SmartRecruiters to learn how Employee Experience Manager, Miranda Oliver from Cricutseamlessly connects the candidate and employee experience, and how to avoid disappointing your new hires when their expectations don’t meet reality.

We’ll also be joined by Hiring Success Strategist, Jared Best from SmartRecruiters to learn his tried and true tips on creating a seamless and consistent candidate and onboarding journey that wows your new employees.

Join This Webinar to Learn:

Candidate Journey: The Road to Hiring & Onboarding Success 

Director of Business & 
Strategy Consulting

Employee Experience Manager

Why you need to start thinking of employee experience as an extension of the candidate experience - and how to bridge that gap with preboarding.

The biggest mistakes employers make when hiring and onboarding their new employees - and how ensure your new hire’s reality meets their expectations

The 4 keys to pre boarding & onboarding success that follows a research-backed framework published by SHRM

The best practices in customer experience that you can steal to delight your candidates and new hires

Marketing Manager (Moderator)

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